General Medicine

General Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases of the internal organs. Here you will find the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of a large range of disorders affecting every part of the body. Doctors in general internal medicine are trained to manage patients presenting with a wide range of acute and long term medical conditions and symptoms. This page provides useful information on the nature of the work, the common procedures/interventions, sub-specialties and other roles that may interest you.

The dedicated teams of internists at MPM Hospital Jagdalpur provide outpatient and inpatient primary care services for adults and consultative services for patients with complex clinical problems.

MPM Hospital Jagdalpur has designated intensive-care areas such as the intensive-care unit (ICU), surgical intensive-care unit (SICU, neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) for patients requiring less intensive care.

The critical care unit MPM Hospital Jagdalpur is manned by a multidisciplinary team of experts using state of the art equipments and procedures to manage Patients requiring intensive care.


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